Everyone always acts like Delphine’s older but isn’t she technically the youngest? I thought something said she was born in ‘84 too.

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I think the next fandom trend should be combining stock AUs. Imagine!:

  • Cops AU plus Hogwarts AU equals Wizard Buddy Cops, subtext, and as many wand jokes as you can make
  • A high school AU, only it’s high school in the future featuring space station hijinks and/or alien invasion, mixed in with serious concerns about who’s going with who to prom
  • The coffee shop AU, liberally spiced up with interactions with a mirror world where the heroes become the villains and vice versa—and can the adorably dorky new barista figure out how to make the perfect latte art and keep her girlfriend from falling in love with her eviler, sexier doppelganger?
  • Noir detective pirate AU, and the difficulties of solving gritty crime on the high seas
  • Vampire Western AU, and the challenges of cattle rustling on the sunny plains of the wild west, and making sure that none of those damned suckers take out any of pa’s herd again!
  • Prohibition-era speakeasy AU with fairy tale AU featuring the complications of being secretly magical and smuggling when you can’t actually lie
  • Okay, coffee shop AU + ANYTHING is hilarious to me
  • Regency coffee shop AU
  • Vampire coffee shop AU (BARTENDING IN THE DARK)
  • Gym rat vampire AU—getting pumped and drinking blood
  • Mermaid college AU

oh gosh yes

  • space pirates AU
  • Regency superhero AU
  • coffee shop dystopian AU
  • 1940s fairy tale AU
  • Western AU + aliens
  • high school AU + smuggling
  • space AU + domestic, first apartment, etc
  • Hogwarts AU + struggling musicians

Send me a fandom (pairing optional) and one of these AUs and I will write it.  Dead serious.

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Gah, I have two other things for Ace Beth Week, but they’re not completely finished, and I don’t know if I have time to finish them and post them by tonight D:

One’s a Divergent AU ficlet (‘cause hell yeah those headcanons need somewhere to go) and one’s a sneak peek at where I am in the soulmate AU.

Can someone bug me later about them to make sure I remember to finish them above all else?

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Ficlet: Their Boyfriend, Paul | Orphan Black, AU

context: AU, Beth and Sarah are sisters who found each other when they were in high school. Fast forward a year, and the family’s moved to a new town where Beth meets and starts dating Paul. Sarah, on the other hand, takes off so no one knows she exists. Now, Beth and Paul are having issues, and Sarah blows back in time just for Beth to come up with a crazy idea.

Written for Ace Beth Week (includes talk of sex and bad relationship logic). I’ll edit this later, but here’s some for now.

“I’m not shagging your boyfriend, Beth!”

Read More

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Gunpowder Afternoons | an Orphan Black fanfic


Written for Ace Beth Week. Canon-verse. A little bit of sad Beth/Paul. Soccer cop if you squint.

Also on AO3.

Huge thank you to sundialsandsmiles for being my asexuality and gun expert.

Warnings: Almost all canon Beth warnings (drug abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts); alcohol abuse; guns; sex mention. There’s also discussion of Beth feeling “broken” etc. before she knows that asexuality is a thing, if that is upsetting/triggering to you.

Oh, and I should mention that while Beth in this fic is fairly sex-averse, I recognize that not every asexual person is sex-averse/sex-repulsed. This is a story about one asexual person and isn’t meant to represent every possibility.

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Ace Beth Week | Archive of Our Own 

a collection on AO3 for fics written during Ace Beth Week. Feel free to add your own fics and recs into the collection.
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[screams from the rooftops] ACE BETH WEEK STARTS TOMORROW

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so, soulmate AU!

Holy shit-ton-of-notes Batman, a bunch of people found the soulmate AU post today and reblogged it and that’s super freaking awesome. 

SO, let me say that I’m totally working on writing a larger fic for that, and I’m not sure if co-writing would be the best idea ever or nah, but if folks are interested, then hit me up with a message and let’s brainstorm and stuff.

+ I’m just gonna open a chatroom, and if folks want to come and chat about this idea or whatever, then let’s do it! [message me for a link]

+ I’m officially starting a tag and calling it > unintended fic < so I’ll try and make that a thing for anyone who wants to track progress or tag ideas/commentary.


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what is ace beth week?

ace beth week is an event from july sixth to july twelfth dedicated to producing, sharing, and celebrating content that portrays beth childs as being on the asexual spectrum.

what do you mean by “ace beth?”

ace is just a shortened form of asexual. in this case, ace beth can mean beth anywhere on the ace spectrum. asexual beth, demisexual beth, gray-a beth—all totally cool! ace-spectrum beths of any romantic orientation are welcome!! if you want to learn more about asexuality, aven is a pretty good place to start.

why ace beth?

not to be that guy or anything, but why not ace beth? i’m on the ace spectrum. i have friends on the ace spectrum. there isn’t really a reason why beth can’t be on the ace spectrum. representation is important! also, being an asexual clone is kind of a goldmine for all kinds of comebacks.

does content need to be canon-compliant?

nope! you can stick with canon as much or as little as you want! fluffy movie theater aus are just as welcome as heartwrenching canon angst. follow your ace-beth heart!

what kind of content is welcome?

everything is fair game for ace beth week! headcanons, fic, meta, gifsets, you name it, it’s cool! just remember to warn for triggering topics + content. i can’t stress this enough. please make sure to warn for all sex scenes, and know that there is a difference between sex and rape. know which you’re dealing with, and how to warn people.

how do i make sure my posts are seen?

post them in the “ace beth week” tag and i should see them! you can also feel free to inbox me a link either on my personal (elizadeathchilds) or the event’s blog (acebethweek). either way, your post will be reblogged to the acebethweek blog!

how do i write for an asexual character?

thank you for not wanting to write a gross caricature. you’re cool. here’s a masterpost for you! this post is also pretty helpful! just do your research and you should be fine. i believe in you!

i want to keep up with ace beth week or i have another question. where do i go?

check out the ace beth week blog right here!

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Do you plan to continue Four Man Army?
Anonymous Asked

Unfortunately, I do not. I don’t really write for TVD anymore. (Though I miss some of those characters, like this one.)

I can post the rest of my fic notes, if you want.