about: minnesota is cold and lonely and the home of a girl whose cousin leaves numbers in bathroom stalls. delphine is cold and lonely enough to text the numbers left of bathroom stalls. about 1.8k. as usual, pg-13 if you went to public school, r if you’re the mpaa.

warnings: food, sex mention

note: part iv of the cophine au series. inspired by this. you can also read this fic on ao3.

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Coming of Age; An Orphan Black AU (Chapter 12)

Smells Like Teen Spirit Sequel  - a collab between me and Sydney

Set after the clone club has started at their prospective universities; how will they handle their college lives, Kira born and all the difficulties that come along with it, from maintaining their own identities to keeping their relationships afloat.

Chapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5,Chapter 6Chapter 7,Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11

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Can you actually imagine if David was mad at Emily for getting revenge and Nemily is like.


The floor creaks when David steps, as if the beach house itself doesn’t know how to handle having him back. He tries not to show how uncomfortable he is. He doesn’t fidget, doesn’t look away from where Emily and Nolan stand inside the threshold. He just does his best to stand strong, even as his little girl’s face crumbles at the sight of him.

Nolan speaks first. “David, listen, this isn’t a good time.”

Emily almost scoffs. No, it’s not. A good time would have been when she got out of juvie and committed her life to avenging what had been done to their family. An okay time would have been when the world found out Charlotte was his daughter, or when Amanda (Fauxmanda) fell at Grayson Manor and almost died, or when Amanda did die, or-or anytime sooner than this.

David nods. “I understand that, but you can’t expect me to just walk away.”

At that, Emily does scoff. Her jaw clenches after, and Nolan fills in the words for her.

"You walked away before," Nolan says.

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September 10 2014
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Hey, I did like your stories for Twisted. Thanks for your contribution. ( Lol not a question :)

You’re welcome :)

Twisted started out so strong, and I really loved Lacey’s and Danny’s characters, so I couldn’t resist writing about them. Glad you liked them :)

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September 09 2014
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fic: the us in justice | reven8e, jack/emily

summary: Maybe Declan’s not the only reason Jack came back from his search for Amanda. / Takes place in 1x18, “Justice”, when Daniel’s on trial for Tyler’s shooting.

notes: I’ve had two versions of this extended scene on my computer for over a year now. There’s this version and another one that I might post if I figure out how that one ends exactly. Enjoy.

[read it on AO3] [read it on FFN]

“How are you holding up?” Jack asks. 

We’re days into Daniel’s trial by this point, and Jack’s probably the first person to ask me that sincerely. Reporters ask for a scoop they can sell to the world. Charlotte asks to make sure I haven’t turned against her because of her substance use. And Nolan always asks because he wants me to change my mind, to support Daniel or to leave him, but to get out of this quest for revenge regardless.

When Jack asks how I’m doing, he just wants to know about me, nothing else. It’s simple. If only my answer could be.

There’s a sigh that must come from me. “I’m… managing.”

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September 09 2014
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More Jack and Emily please =) (With references to Nolan,Sammy and Declan shipping them). Please and thank you, coz I loved your previous one. <3

I have some other Jack/Emily stuff both in the works and somewhat complete. I’ll post a small thing now :)

Glad to hear you loved the oneshot!

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September 08 2014
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sometimes, you write down random thoughts because you can’t fall asleep and then you wind up spending hours writing a Revenge high school au. as if I don’t already have enough ideas.

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September 07 2014
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fic: the best lies (are based in truth) | reven8e, jack/emily

summary: Post-S3. When Jack’s brought into police custody, Emily comes up with his alibi. After all, nothing says “not guilty of kidnapping” like a secret fake date story. / It’s Emily, Jack, and the fake dating trope!

notes: I named Baby Carl’s babysitter Camille. This picks up directly after S3 ends.

[read on AO3] [read on FFN]

Jack fights the urge to drum his fingers on his legs. That seems like the kind of thing a guilty person would do to keep himself occupied while he waits for his lawyer. Though, to be fair, Jack is guilty of helping Charlotte’s kidnappers, and Emily is the closest thing to representation he’s calling tonight. She’s his alibi after all, even if it is a shaky one.

After Jack set Charlotte free and Conrad got arrested, their little revenge squad worked out a plan for if anything ever came up about the kidnapping. They doubted anything would, not with the way that they covered their tracks, but if it did, then they’d say Jack and Emily were together, Nolan was home trying to steal MyClone, and Aiden was hanging out on Nolan’s couch. They never worked out all of the details, just enough to give each of them something to say until their cover got there. 

Now, Jack’s said as much as he knows — he and Emily were out on a boat the morning after Charlotte got kidnapped, alone, no contact in or out except for one check in with the nanny. They took off early in the morning and were both at the beach house when the news broke. Simple, but apparently not enough for Detective Hosko.

Hosko’s nice enough, just another tall blond detective guy. He said he works homicide normally, so Jack’s not completely sure why he’s the one babysitting, but at least that means they get to sit at Hosko’s desk rather than inside the interrogation room again.

“You want a water or something?”

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fic: come with me | pretty little liars, emison

summary: Ali tasted like airplane peanuts and mint chapstick rubbed away on the back of her hand. Dreams normally ended after we kissed, but maybe the carbon monoxide made this one longer. Maybe that’s why she asked and why I said yes.

notes: People seemed upset, so here’s a thing.

[read on AO3] [read on FFN]

Ali tasted like airplane peanuts and mint chapstick rubbed away on the back of her hand. She had called it her secret to mystifyingly soft lips, and she swore no one had to know but me. Maybe everyone she kissed knew, or maybe she’d just put some on, just for me, in this dream. I barely reacted enough to kiss her back. I didn’t mind, though; it felt more like that was for Alison than for me.

I relaxed, sinking back into the jean jacket on her lap and her sun-kissed legs. I definitely could’ve fallen asleep like that. Or woken up? I had to be dreaming, an after effect from the car’s carbon monoxide. But even if I was dreaming, if I woke up, then Ali would go away again, and I’d be right back to jolting awake at four in the morning and curling up by the window until my heart slowed down. Back to looking over my shoulder to tell her a joke and doing a double take at every blonde girl in the distance.

Before I even opened my eyes, I was shaking my head. Begging her, “Ali, you can’t go.”